Concept & Fun
Attention! Ring
January 24, 2010
A shiny attention-catcher I made with my dad’s help.
Crocheted iron-thread, LED, battery (also known as “magic”)
USP Course work: Snow LED-skirt
December 31, 2009
The piece consists of a crocheted skirt and ring which both contain one side of a magnetic switch that will activate LED-s in the skirt only in case of both sides united.
The work represents snow
USP Course work: Snow
December 1, 2009
 Inspiration for the work:
◦ Snow’s ability to be visible in contrast background and invisible among similar shades  
◦ Snowfall in the dark = lights in the dark
◦ Paper snow-folds from childhood
USP Course work: Wave of Information
November 30, 2009
Wave of data and information
Zygmunt Bauman has created a term “liquid modernity” for our era as a term for the present condition of the world as contrasted with the “solid” modernity that preceded
November 17, 2009
First experiment in the electronic fashion field with the help of Alison Lewis book “Switch craft”. A bag that lights up when opened.
Some of my latest work - what it’s about and the journey of creation